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Bioshield Healthy Living Paints and Wood Finishes

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We have limited stock on Bioshield Products here at Sunfire Systems located in the North Okanagan in British Columbia. Once out of stock we will no longer be carrying Bioshield here in Canada. Save on duty while we have stock. Also we are offering free shipping on orders over $200.
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Penetrating Oils and Primers The perfect "before" for the results you're after. A selection of premium Bioshield oils to start with.

Citrus Thinner  Environmentally friendly solution for oil based clean-ups.

Aqua Resin Stain Finish  Zero out on VOC. A solvent free, water-based, zero VOC, low drip, resilient wood stain finish for interior and exterior applications.

Resin & Oil Stain Finish A stain and finish in one. An excellent choice for enhancing natural attributes of surfaces made of wood, stone and clay. Stain and preserve interior and exterior woodwork.

Resin Floor Finish  Create a durable, flexible seal on many types of flooring. Choose between gloss and semi gloss sheen.

Aqua Resin Floor Finish  A clear, transparent, water-based finish for interior floors and funiture having high abrasion resistance. coverings

High Solid Floor Oil  A Solvent Free Finish for Wood Surfaces which enhances the look and fell of natural wood and dries to a satin-matte sheen.

Hard Oil  Easy to love, Hard to Beat. One of the most popular and versatile oils Bioshield offers. Use it on most wood surfaces including floors.

Floor and Furniture Waxes  A Healthy Shine You Will Love Every Time
Clay Paint Natural Tones  Create the magnificence of pure color through clay in your own home. Clay is one of the oldest and cleanest building materials available. Capture the centuries-old warm ambience of aged adobe, clay and lime plasters.

Transparent Wall Glaze and Colour Washes  Turn Your Walls from Flat to Fabulous.

Solvent Free Zero VOC Wall Paint  Tradition in Colour - Way Beyond the Usual "Green Wash."
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