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"I Breathe Therefore I AM" is a book of awakening, which focuses on BREATH; as a fundamental way of reconnecting with your self and improving the experience of everyday life! The general knowledge about how to recharge ourselves, how to relax ourselves and how to boost our feeling of health is vague and often dependent on outside inputs and solutions. Deep Breathing Exercises have more power and effect than we aware of.

The common perception of a break from work and/or responsibilities is to get on a device that is connected to the internet and engage in an activity that is outside ourself. Taking a moment to breathe to a rhythm, a depth or a pattern is off the radar, yet it should be a primary method for re-focusing, re-charging and fuelling our body and mind.

We can boost our performance and sharpness or we can slow ourselves down and relax. Calming ourselves from the frantic pace of daily life with a few breaths decreases anxiety and reconnects us to what and who we are.

Deep Breathing can have an instant effect on our state of mind and our health.

Breathe Deep My Friend