Margin Gem Model #2001

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Quality • Efficiency • Satisfaction

Cook your meals and heat your home with one of these beautifully crafted cook stoves. These charming stoves bring a beautiful, warm touch of country living right into your home.


  • Cast iron cooking surface, the proven top from Grandma's time
  • Airtight, bell Draft controlled fire box with cast iron grates
  • Exclusive "Air Jet" re-burn design, greatly reducing creosote problems common in most airtight fire boxes.
  • Large ash trays below grates for convenient ash removal.
  • Copper water reservoir
  • Porcelain black oven interior
  • Porcelain exterior finish throughout, available in white, almond and black
  • Tested by Interteck Testing Services to ULC - S627/CSA B366.2m UL1482 standards.


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