Archgard Salzburg Thermal Mass Fireplace

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VIEWING AREA: 19 - 3/4" W X 13 - 3/4" H

Archgard's masonry heater is the perfect marriage of modern and traditional, offering a more efficient and alternative way to have that traditional look and feel of a wood burning fireplace that you have been seeking. Heat your space quickly as you sit by your cozy, crackling wood fire. Allow the Salzburg XL masonry heater to continue to provide stored radiant heat for many hours keeping your home and your loved ones warm.

Our exclusive core elements are created from Memory Mass Power Stones that will continue to provide warmth for many hours, after the fire has been reduced to embers. The modular design allows for easy and convenient installation. 

Heat accumulating fireplaces differ from other fireplaces in that they are intended to provide a moderate heat for prolonged periods with a limited time of burning. Conventional fireplaces give off strong heat during the burning period but with a very limited cool-down period.


The insulating plates in the burn chamber contribute to a high combustion temperature, which leads to cleaner combustion of the wood and a higher rate of efficiency.

Salzburg XL 
BTU's hours 30,000 
Weight 1330 kg - 2,932 lb
Installation Extra. This unit requires assembly on site by a qualified technician. Contact us for more information.