The Off-Grid Living Guidebook

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by Alvin Tam (Author)

Would you like to live your best, uninhibited life, away from the crowds, the chaos, and the hustle of the city – all the while communing sustainably with nature, and reducing your carbon footprint? Does the idea of building your own reclusive utopia from the ground up call to you - but you’re not sure where to begin? The Off-Grid Living Guidebook is written for the curious, wanderlust adventurer who is ready to make a leap into the wilderness. Alvin Tam shares his journey of leaving Las Vegas to live in the Canadian forest with his family, surviving two winters in an RV, and building a 1600 square-foot off-grid home with no previous construction experience. This guidebook is the ultimate starter map – an overview of the key elements to off-grid living that Alvin wished he had when he began planning his family trek into the woodlands. Learn about building design, water systems, electrical systems, natural resources, humbling building experiences, and more. Get ready to make your off-grid dream a reality. Go big – and go home! ALVIN TAM is not a builder by background — he discovered circus arts as a young adult and ended up performing all over the world with many different productions including the renowned Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas where he met and married his wife Jada. Together they had a son, and after journeying to Peru to host a yoga retreat, they decided that a more authentic life was calling, with a connection to nature. A few years later, they moved to British Columbia, Canada, bought land and started living off-grid in a 200 square-foot RV without running water. In the meantime, they prepared to build an off-grid house. Having no construction experience, Alvin leaned on the advice of wise builders around him, online videos, and his wits. They now live off-grid in a 1600 square-foot house in the forest and continue to learn the ways of the wilderness.