Ventis HES140 VB00023 Wood Stove

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Ventis HES140

VB00023 Wood Stove

▪Small wood stove on pedestal
▪EPA certified at only 1.8 g/h
▪Solidity and manufacturing quality
▪Non-catalytic combustion technology
▪Installation authorized on the Island of Montreal
▪Cast iron door
▪Top heat deflector and side panels
▪Stainless steel heat shield added to the firestop

Appliance performance
Fuel type Dry cordwood (16" recommended)
Recommended heating area 250 - 1,200 ft²
Overall firebox volume 1.8 ft³
EPA loading volume 1.55 ft³
Maximum burn time 5 h
Maximum heat output-dry cordwood 45,000 BTU/h
Minimum overall heat output rate 12,124 BTU/h (3.55 kW)
Maximum overall heat output rate 26,700 BTU/h (7.83 kW)
Average overall efficiency-dry cordwood (HHV) 74 %
Average overall efficiency-dry cordwood (LHV) 79 %
Average particulate emission rate 1.8 g/h
Flue Size 6"