Bell & Gossett EcoCirc Pump 8-24V 1/2" NPT

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The first DC spherical motor pump for direct connection to photovoltaic panels with automatic performance optimization using Maximum PowerPoint (MPP) tracking.

The ecocirc solar pump can be used for most circulation pump applications without connection to the power grid. Instead the solar pump can be directly connected to the photovoltaic panel. This pump is perfect for single family home thermal solar systems or any circulation pump application where conventional power is not available.

Technical Data
Motor Design: Electronically commutated spherical motor with permanent magnet rotor/impeller
Voltage: 12 - 24 Volt
Power Consumption*: Min. start-up power consumption less than 1 Watt, max. power consumption 22 Watts
Current Draw: 0.25 - 1.46 A
Acceptable Media: Domestic hot water, heating water, water/glycol mixtures, other media on request**.
Environment: IP 42
Insulation Class: Class F
* Power consumption and start may vary in different installations
** Please check pump performance with more than 20 % glycol

    • Runs on DC power for direct connection to photovoltaic panels
    • Low energy consumption: Start-up Power Requires Less than 1 Watt.
    • Lightweight, Easy Installation, Small Footprint
    • Adjustable voltage settings or “Auto” mode for easy use
    • Built in optimization (MPP) program to track and maximize solar input from photovoltaic panel.
    • The only moving part is a hemispherical rotor/impeller unit which sits on an ultra-hard, wear-resistant ceramic ball.
    • There are no conventional shaft bearings or seals eliminating bearing noise and seal leaks.
    • This pump is robust and has an estimated service life in excess of 50,000 hours.
    • The self-realigning bearing is lubricated and cooled by the media.
    • Even after prolonged shutdown, the pump will start reliably.
    • All parts exposed to the fluid are completely corrosion resistant.